Expedition Terms And Conditions - Please read carefully.


It is important that you read these terms and conditions fully. Continuing with your booking will result in you being entered into a contract with Desert Island Survival. This contract will become binding once the payment and reservation form has been accepted and the client has received confirmation in writing of this from Desert Island Survival.


  • "Desert Island Survival" refers to Desert Island Survival Ltd.

  • "The client" refers to any participant on a Desert Island Survival trip that is not employed by the company.


The agreement based upon these terms and conditions is solely between the named client(s) and Desert Island Survival.

No variation in this agreement shall be acceptable unless agreed in writing by both parties at least one week prior to the relevant venture/course start date.

Desert Island Survival reserves the right to refuse a booking, or cancel a venture/course without giving reason or compensation. In such instances all monies paid to that date will be returned and wherever possible, alternatives will be given for cancelled ventures/courses.

Travel Documents:

It is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure that they have all the necessary travel documents, visa, vaccinations and insurance prior to travel and arrival in destination country.

The client must ensure they have at least 6 months remaining before their passport expires or they will not be granted entry.

Personal insuranace:

Sufficient personal travel Insurance is Mandatory for all parties attending a Desert Island Survival expedition. It is the attendees full responsibility to ensure their personal travel insurance Insurance cover all aspects including cancelation and medical needs incase of injury and repatriation incase of death. Should an air evacuation be required, the cost of this must also be covered by your own personal travel insurance. 


Due to the extreme environment, climate and activities that will be experienced throughout a Desert Island Survival course, Desert Island Survival strongly recommends that the client receives a medical advice prior to participating.

Desert Island Survival requires the completion of a personal information sheet stating any allergies, medication and medical history and other key information. This is a safety requirement, and if it is not completed in full and received by Desert Island Survival at least one month prior to the course start date, or any relevant information is deliberately not mentioned, the client will be refused permission to participate, and forfeit all monies paid.

Any changes to this questionnaire prior to the course start date, such as recent injuries or illness must be notified to Desert Island Survival in writing prior to the course start. Failure to do so may result in the client being refused permission to participate and forfeit all monies paid.

By the nature of our trips and due to the environment in which we operate the client must have an acceptable level of personal fitness. Information of the level required for each individual trip is available from Desert Island Survival. If Desert Island Survival instructors deem a person is not physically capable of taking part in a trip they may be refused permission to continue.

In such circumstances, additional transportation, wages and costs incurred due to this will be charged to the client involved.

Venture/ Course Changes/Cancellation by Desert Island Survival:

Due to the nature of the venture/course being undertaking and the extreme environment in which this takes place, there can often be unforeseen changes to the itinerary and sometimes the exact location of activities that are given to clients in advance. Natural environmental changes may result in activities taking place in different locations or perhaps in extreme circumstances not being able to occur at all, and in such instances Desert Island Survival contingency plans will come into effect. In extreme circumstances we may need to cancel the trip. This is very rare and often most likely due to the minimum trip numbers not being met (4-6 people dependant on trip) As such the client must understand that whilst Desert Island Survival makes every possible attempt to fulfil the course itinerary, the nature of the trip and environment may result in slight alterations, which are beyond Desert Island Survival control, and therefore Desert Island Survival liability is limited accordingly. In these circumstances Desert Island Survival will endeavour to inform all clients of such changes/cancellations at least one month prior to the course start date.

Travel regulation insolvency protection

Desert Island Survival Ltd is a company committed to customer satisfaction and consumer financial protection. We are therefore pleased to announce that, at no extra cost to you, and in accordance with '' The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018'' all passengers booking with Desert Island Survival Ltd are fully insured for the initial deposit, and subsequently the balance of monies paid as detailed in your booking confirmation form. The policy will also include repatriation if required, arising from the cancellation or curtailment of your travel arrangements due to the insolvency of Desert Island Survival Ltd.  This insurance has been arranged by Towergate Chapman Stevens through Zurich Insurance PLC.


In the unlikely event of Insolvency, you must Inform Towergate Chapman Stevens immediately on +44 (0) 1932 334140 or by email at tcs@towergate.co.uk . Please ensure you retain the booking confirmation as evidence of cover and value.

Policy exclusions: policy will not cover any monies paid for Travel Insurance or any claim relating to Air Flights. If you have booked flights as part of your travel, you should ensure that the company with which you booked the flights has the appropriate CAA/ATOL bonds in place.


Conduct of a Client on a Venture/Course:

The client agrees that whilst on a Desert Island Survival course, he/she must adhere to the leadership instructions of the Desert Island Survival instructor and Desert Island Survival guides. The reasons for this are purely for the welfare and safety of the entire team. If a client fails to show the respect and adhere to the instructions given, Desert Island Survival reserves the right to make arrangements for them to be removed from the course, even if this is against his/her will. In addition if a client fails to participate in basic activities, the client may be asked to leave if jeopardising the venture/course for other clients.

In such circumstances, additional transportation, wages and costs incurred due to this removal will be charged to the client involved. In addition, any client who has to be removed from a venture/course will not be entitled to any refund on the full payment received.

Should a client wish to leave the expedition at any time without a medical requirement, the transportation costs will be those of the client.


Full payment is required for all ventures / courses that are due to start in two months or less.

For ventures commencing in over two months, non-refundable deposit is required to guarantee a place is reserved. The balance would be due two months prior to the course commencing. Desert Island Survival will remind you of this via email, however email is not guaranteed and it is the client's' ultimate responsibility to check when final payments are due. If full payment is not received two months prior to the start date, Desert Island Survival has the right to assume that the client has cancelled this contract and will forfeit their 25% deposit. An additional $100 USD fee is due for all balance of payments not received within two months of the venture / course start date.



If a client wishes to cancel a booked venture/course, then the following costs will be incurred:

Cancellation 90 days or more prior to the venture/course start date: All monies returned with exception of the 25% non-refundable deposit.

Cancellation less than 60 days prior to venture/course start date: 100% of the venture/course fee is payable.

The client understands that these penalties are due to Desert Island Survival making substantial arrangements and preparations, including payments for any course weeks in advance of its start date.

If a client wishes to transfer their individual deposit to a different trip/date, this is only possible more than 60 days prior to the departure and is subject to a transfer fee of $150.

If the client wishes to change the dates of a private booking prior to 90 days of the expedition start date, then, assuming alternative dates are viable, Desert island Survival LTD will do their best to make said alterations, however the client assumes all responsibility for any additional costs incurred by Desert Island Survival LTD in making such changes. Bookings can be transferred to a new dates up to a maximum of 18 months from the original booking date.


Desert Island Survival operate in extreme environments. Despite conducting risk assessments, instructing clients on safety, negating any potential risk in the relevant environment, dangers do still remain. Desert Island Survival does try and minimise the risk involved in every activity, however it is at the clients own risk that they participate in the venture or course, and the client acknowledges that there are circumstances where accidents could happen that are beyond Desert Island Survival control. Therefore, with the exception of gross negligence, Desert Island Survival accepts no responsibility or fault for any accidents or illness that occur during a Desert Island Survival course on the understanding that by participating in a Desert Island Survival activity the client is doing so at their own risk.

The client acknowledges that they are liable for any damage or loss to Desert Island Survival equipment including the full cost of replacement and expenses.

Desert Island Survival will not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or tampering to any valuables and monies given to them for safe keeping during a venture/course.

All personal belongings, personal equipment and valuables kept in a client's possession are the clients responsibility, and Desert Island Survival accepts no responsibility for them.

The client also acknowledges that Desert Island Survival is not responsible for any expenses or loss of monies or personal belongings through delays or cancellations of a booking, and that Desert Island Survival liability is hereby limited.

The client must ensure they make the designated meeting place and time and if flight delays / cancellations effect this, it is the client's responsibility to catch up with the rest of the group. Costs incurred doing this are the sole responsibility of the client.


If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of a Desert Island Survival venture / course, then you should raise this with a member of Desert Island Survival staff at the earliest possibility so that corrective action can be taken if necessary. Alternatively if you are not satisfied for whatever reason, a complaint must be made within one month from the end of the relevant course in writing. Desert Island Survival will not be liable for complaints initiated after this one month period.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions:

Desert Island Survival may update these terms and conditions from time to time, and it is the client's responsibility to ensure that they are aware, and agree to any modifications before joining any course.