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desert island

Live as a


Beautiful tropical islands, bushcraft survival course, world-class instructors & raw survival experience.

Rated Excellent

when was the last time you DID SOMETHING extraordinary?

Be castaway on a desert island, learn bushcraft survival skills with our experts before
challenging yourself to a 72 hour survival phase with your newfound tribe.

Why do you need this?


learn new skills

challenge yourself

connect with nature

slow down

have fun

Do I need bushcraft Experience?

Our expeditions are designed for both complete novices who have never practiced bushcraft before, to the advanced, looking to hone their hand drill friction fire technique and everyone in between.


✓ Phosphorescent plankton
✓ Seriously wild island
✓ Primary jungle


✓ Giant Monitor lizards
✓ Quintessential neon tropical desert island with coral reefs


✓ Swimming with humpback whales
✓ Incredible levels of isolation


✓ Turtle Nesting
✓ Soft white sand beaches lagoons
✓ Diverse coral life

Adventure holidays are the best way to REVIVE YOUR EMBER!


We never set this up to be a ‘transformational travel experience’, it was all about living out a survival adventure. However, the impact is bigger than we anticipated. Some castaways even attributing the experience as a catalyst to big changes in their life.”

Tom Williams

TOM Williams

Founder of DIS

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