We specialise in providing you with the skills to survive on tropical desert islands. You are marooned on a remote and uninhabited Pacific island where you will first receive your training before you are cast away with 'limited equipment' to live out an adventure of a lifetime.


Imagine waking up in paradise to the sound of lapping waves and rustling palm leaves and strolling down the beach for a sunrise swim, to then return to the fire that you started by friction, to roast coconuts that you harvested.

Expedition summary

Our expeditions lasts 10 days. On the first night, you stay at a stunning hotel, it's a relaxing day where you get to know one another, receive your kit and you are briefed on on your upcoming adventure. The next morning after a hearty breakfast, our speedboat picks you up directly from the hotel beach and we head out to your island paradise, home for the next 8 nights. Your first 5 days on the island focus on training, you will eat well and sleep in comfortable top of the range Hennessy expedition hammocks. Then, for the final 3 nights you are a cast-away, marooned to now apply your newly learnt set of skills and survive with just a machete, some fish hooks, a satellite phone and medikit at your disposal. On day 9 you are then rescued by a speed boat laden with treats for your return to the hotel. That evening, after cocktails on the beach, we head out for a 3-course meal and survival celebration before returning home the following day.

I loved my time on the island from start to finish. I would recommend this to anyone looking for memorable adventure from their holidays.
— Ru 2016