Sunsets in paradise

There are two primary values we stick to that make our experiences special. We find the best possible islands to maroon you on and the best ever people to look after you and teach you your survival skills.

Picturesque uninhabited islands are our pride. We believe the immersion in isolated beauty is a big part of the experience. We invest immense amounts of time to find the perfect island and make them available to you.

Time on a desert island is not just about developing survival skills but about taking time out of our busy schedule to slow down, disconnect from the rat race and become immersed in nature. On the island you return back to the simple life of meeting our primal needs. A Digital detox from your screens and apps. Time without processed foods. Time to actually slow down, stop and reflect on your life back home. After only one or two days you will find yourself adjusting back to your natural circadian rhythm, rising at sunrise and sleeping just after nightfall; drifting off to the sound of lapping waves, cicadas and the distant rumble of a thunderstorm. Click below to have a listen from your hammock. We find that traditional holidays, steeped in comfort and overindulgence, often leave you feeling like you need another holiday to recover. Paradoxically, despite some the hardship involved, our castaways return home from their ‘survival vacation’ feeling recharged and invigorated, perhaps with a few bug bites - but sporting an excellent suntan.

Fun is important! Our experiences are not just about survival training, we want this to be accessible to bushcraft novices and for you to really enjoy yourself. Be it Piña-coladas from fresh coconuts or beach games after dark, we ensure you will really enjoy this memorable experience. Though don’t get us wrong, this is by no means a beach party vacation. It’s going to get increasingly tougher as the expedition progresses and many of our castaways says it was the hardest thing they have ever done in their life.

Adventure travel at its finest.

We create an environment where you can learn and develop at your own pace, and in the direction you want. We ensure you are equipped with the top of the range tried and tested equipment and consider the little things, right down to ice cold drinks waiting on the boat when rescue arrives.

Responsible travel, preservation and the protection of the pristine locations we operate in is of the utmost importance to us. We feel it is our duty to ensure these environments remain this way. With this in mind, when catching fish we are highly selective and ensure that we only take examples of adequate size and of sustainable species. We never catch more than we need to sustain the group and there is never by-catch. We ensure that we leave no trace of our being on the island and take time at the end of every expedition to deconstruct shelters and collect any litter we find washed up on the beach, particularly that which can be of harm to the local wildlife. In addition, we take pride in supporting the local economy, offering employment to those that need it most. 

Tom Williams established Desert island survival and is also one of our resident instructors. When he is not scouting for new islands, he runs at least 5 of the courses each year now clocking up 150 days of desert island living. Though island life is his real passion, Tom has also turned his hands to colder climes embarking on a 360 mile race to the Magnetic North Pole, holding the polar challenge world record for the fastest mixed team. If you are interested in hearing more, Tom recently recorded a podcast about growing up and how Desert island survival came to be. You can listen here.

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