Located 200 miles northeast of Tahiti lies the Tikehau atoll, a spectacular 15 mile wide crown of coral. The thin white line of coral, sand and palm trees is no more than half a mile wide, but it encircles a lagoon of pristine, otherworldly beauty and unimaginable marine life. Everyone should experience a pristine atoll in the middle of the South Pacific once in their life – if only to see that isolated beauty still exists.

Stunning atol in French Polynesia - ripe for bushcraft training

The atoll consists of over 100 islets and the expedition is on one primary island but on a daily basis we wade through the warm shallows to a number of other islands to forage and fish.

However do not be fooled. Though this may look like one of the lushest and most beautiful places on planet earth, survival on an atoll is tough. Distance, drought and poor soil make atoll vegetation some of the most unvaried on the planet with little more than 15 species of flora present. Aside from coconuts and crabs, you will have to rely on the bountiful oceans to keep hunger at bay.


Remote and untouched wilderness means incredible wildlife. You will see countless juvenile reef sharks just metres from the beach. Pristine coral reefs with an abundance of fish skirt the entirety of the atoll with turtles, manta ray and eagle rays being frequent visitors. Dolphins can be seen all year round as well as humpback whales making an appearance at certain times of year. Prehistoric coconut crabs also live on the island, some as large as two feet across. Factor in the abundant and diverse bird life, and it really doesn't get much better. 

The Tikehau Atoll has a greater variety of fish species than any other place in French Polynesia.
— Jacques Cousteau - 1987


  • World class fishing and snorkeling

  • Perfect to take a friend and leave them in the lap of luxury while you live your adventure

  • Deep sea Tuna and Marlin fishing before the expedition begins

  • Incredible levels of isolation

  • Dense stars all the way to the horizon

  • Amongst the best marine life on the planet

  • Untouched and unrivaled natural beauty

  • Snorkeling with Manta Ray's

  • Dozens of baby reef sharks patrolling the shallows

The castaway island - learn all your can on a desert island adventure holiday
The unique beach bungalows you will be staying in before and after the expedition.

The unique beach bungalows you will be staying in before and after the expedition.

before and after Accomodation

Hidden away on its own private island is the resort where we start and finish our expedition. You will be staying in beach villas and be treated to all inclusive dining. For those wishing to tag on a few extra days to revitalise or enjoy an array of watersports, let us know and we can arrange you preferential rates. 


Remoteness like NOWHERE else.

From the above map you can zoom out and see just how remote a location we a dealing with here. Few humans have ever walked the white powdered beaches you will be treading, this is the domaine of coconut crabs and sea birds.


Getting here.

Air Tahiti Nui is the primary international air carrier of Tahiti, servicing the capital city of Papeete from Paris, Los Angeles, Auckland, Sydney, and Tokyo. Air France also flies to Papeete.

Domestic air Travel: inter-island domestic air travel is provided by Air Tahiti. Flights operate daily between Papeete and Tikehau atoll, with the occasional exception of Thursday. It is possible to travel from Papeete to Tikehau on Thursday via Bora Bora though this takes a little longer the views of Bora Bora are something to behold . For a comprehensive travel pack please send us an enquiry.

Desert island survival